Discover the timeless beauty of Charmelia:

Strong, abundant in flowers and with more flowers per stem than you ever seen!

Charmelia is friendly, feminine, elegant and rich in flowers. She is famous for her exceptional long vase life, staying fresh and beautifully shaped for up to 21 days. All year round, Charmelia offers limitless possibilities for vary, always standing out as the star in any floral arrangement, regardless of the season. Stylish solo in a vase, yet absolutely charming and eye-catching in mixed floral arrangements. Available in pink, white, purple and, starting September 2024, in the stunning trend colour Apricot; more colours to be expected in the near future. A whole bouquet per stem, that’s the magic of Charmelia!


Charmelia is available in Europe through Decorum grower Together2Grow;
the Charmelia grower in Europe. Click here to get to know more about the grower behind Charmelia.